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The Kodak Portra 400 films in 135 and 120 format are available again.


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The inversible Black and White films

All Black and White films Noir et Blanc are inversibles, but just a few are providing
good results. We have tested and selected those that provide the best results.

The ADOX Scala 160 135/36 film

The original Scala 200x film beeing now unavailable, we have selected the ADOX Scala 160 135/36 film whose performances are identical.
  • Optimum use from 160 to 640 ASA,
  • Excellente B&W palette, from the brightess whites to the strongest blacks,
  • Sharp details thanks to a very fine grain,
  • Excellent contrast capture,
  • Long exposure without correction,
  • Very well adapted to scanning and large size printing,

The Rollei Retro 400S film

The Retro 400S is a black and White film. Thanks to its clear base, it can be used as an inversible film.
To get a nice grey pattern, we recommend to use it at 200 ISO.
At 400 ISO it provides highly contrasted images with dense shadows.
Developement of B&W inversible films
We develop B&W reversible films in an Hostert Transfert machine inverting the image within an insolation tank.
Compared to the chemical inversion method, that process warrants a perfect image inversion after the first development sequence.
Prices VAT included for B&W inversible development
Developpement of films

Service Price
135-36 slide mounted
21,53 €
135-36 in strip
15,55 €
120 in strip 13,16 €
Image test 10,76 €

For other services or shipment to countries other than France, please contact us.
Developpment and shipment costs to an address in France

Qty 135 B&W
film slide mounted
135 B&W inversible
film in strip
120 B&W inversible
film in strip
1 film
36,00 € 27,60 € 25,20 €
2 films
57,60 € 43,20 € 38,40 €
3 films
80,40 € 61,20 € 54,00 €
4 films
102,00 € 76,80 € 67,20 €
5 films
123,60 € 93,60 € 81,60 €