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Our development equipments

Nos machines de développement pour films argentiques E6, C41, Inversible N&B

Our equipment for the development of E6, C41, B&W inversible argentic films

For film development we use 3 Hostert transfer machine that provide high quality and stable treatment conditions.

  • With colour inversible films (E6 chemistry) all the shades
    are revealed accurately.
  • With colour negative films (C41 chemistry), even if it is difficult to see the true colour rendering when looking at the film itself – only experienced profesionals can see it – the colours show their full palette when the images are scanned or printed.
  • With B&W negatives, developpement conditions are perfectly constant and adjuted to each type of emulsion.

These performances are obtained thanks to :

  • Development time set for each group of films to push or pull film development,
  • Bath bubling with nitrogen for chemicals sensitive to oxydation,
  • Each tank temperature set to 1/10 of a degree,
  • Continuous chemicals filtering to remove any durst,
  • No risk of damage to films during the development process.

To comply with ecological constraints, all chemicals are collected for further treatment by a specialised company.